Title of the project: Engineering Yeast and Plants for Heavy Metal Applications: from Bioremediation to Bioextraction
Funding source: „EEA Grants”
Acronym of the project: YePlaHeMe
Project cod: EEA-JRP-RO-NO-2013-1-0047
Contract number: 21/ 30.06.2014
Project Director: Conf. Dr. Ileana Cornelia Farcasanu

University of Bucharest
Chemistry Faculty
Panduri Building
Address: Sos. Panduri nr. 90 - 92, sector 5, Bucharest

Proiect coordinator:
Conf. Dr. Ileana Cornelia Farcasanu
Head of Applied Organic Chemistry Reasearch Center
Phone: +4 021.315.92.49
E-mail: ileana.farcasanu@chimie.unibuc.ro