In this project we aim to use molecular and bioinformatics approaches to engineer yeast and plants designed to hyperaccumulate heavy metals without interfering with the normal metabolism. In addition we aim to establish the applicability of such organisms to various heavy metal-related biotechnologies, such as soil and water bioremediation, bioextraction, metal restriction to plant organs, metal-enriched food supplements, improved imaging techniques, etc.

The project will imply systemic investigations of an array of metal ions against a series of recombinant proteins and synthetic peptides designed for each metal and expressed differentially in yeast and plants. The proposed work is interdisciplinary, combining in silico screening, molecular biology, bioinorganic chemistry, genetics and bioinformatics, aiming to provide an unprecedented coverage of the metal-protein/peptide interaction by facilitating the analysis of synergistic and antagonistic relationship between cell components and metal-related metabolism.

This project will be carried out by a consortium of three partner groups with relevant research and innovation expertise: University of Bucharest (Romania), University of Science and Technology from Trondheim (Norway), and Institute of Biochemistry of the Romanian Academy (Romania).The consortium was established based on the state-of-the-art infrastructure already existing in the implementing institutions and on the strong complementarities between the research expertise of the partner groups. The projectâ??s output is expected to have impact on the thematic area Environmental protection and management.

University of Bucharest
Chemistry Faculty
Panduri Building
Address: Sos. Panduri nr. 90 - 92, sector 5, Bucharest

Proiect coordinator:
Conf. Dr. Ileana Cornelia Farcasanu
Head of Applied Organic Chemistry Reasearch Center
Phone: +4 021.315.92.49
E-mail: ileana.farcasanu@chimie.unibuc.ro